Facilities management today uses Asset Management Software and best practices for MRO.

assetToday’s facilities management roles are relying more and more on technology to help them monitor everything for parts inventory to the projected life cycles of certain components and equipment.

Gone are the days when maintenance personnel conducted simply visual and auditory tests around equipment: Sensors are being used more and more, for example, to monitor installations. Along with the need for more sophisticated monitoring—and data analysis—is the ability to track multiple vendors, contracts and work-in-progress as it relates to ontime/onbudget projections, and purchasing orders.

Asset Management Software, then,  is making its way into even the smallest of facilities as more software vendors are making it available in the cloud—made available, too, as free, web-based program as well.

Building owners, and managers are usually expecting such software to provide numerous reports, including graphics  and trend lines that summarize key areas requiring attention—specialty modules are sometimes offered by vendors to accommodate specific industry needs.

Overall, the importance of integrating asset management along with design of buildings—and build outs—is becoming more commonplace. Too, more scrutiny is occurring when it comes to Maintenance Repairs and Operations (MRO).

What’s needed in setting up an efficient MRO policy is a clear method of documenting inventory, plus inventory identification. As noted on the Plant Engineering site regarding MRO best practices:

Data management of item description, manufacturer and item number. Corrupted data increases search time, causes duplicate entry of items, increases the time to generate an accurate purchase request, and causes errors in inventory orders.

In short, technology drives today’s facilities management strategies, and workers are finding the need to up their skill levels to be a player.

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