5 Great Methods to Market Your Small Business on a Budget

whilly bermudez marketing budgetAs if running a small business wasn’t stress enough, in order to attract customers and retain them you also have to find a way to fund your marketing strategy. But advertising can come come with a huge cost association, so what options are there? You’d be surprised the things you can accomplish on a small budget.

Here are 5 methods to market your small business without busting the bank.

Begin with an elevator pitch. Never heard of it? An elevator pitch is a short summary of a service or product or profession designed to compel and engage your listener. The name implies the time you would have riding in an elevator with someone. Investing the time in a quality elevator pitch can really pay off when done correctly.

Make yourself credible. Experts agree, credibility lends to loyalty. But with all of the distrust that is often associated with advertising, how do you do it? Simple. Make sure that all of your claims directed towards a customer are true. Never try to pull the wool over people’s eyes, and, once word gets around, loyalty will fall in your lap.

Call on a friend. That is, collaborate with other local (and non-competitive) businesses for cross promotion. Mix up things like coupons, fliers, social network advertising, promotions and so on. Working with a friend can benefit you both, so no one will be losing out, and will have everything to gain.

Always be on the offensive. Being ready to receive new customers by being available will give new and returning customers trust in you. Always be easy to contact. Every piece of business material your company produces should have phone numbers, emails, fax numbers, etc. Attempt to be everywhere all at once.

Donate or volunteer your services. Not only does giving your time and service away for a good cause create buzz around your brand, it shows people that you are willing to give back. Plus, the better job you do, the better return on investment you get. Word travels fast.

All it takes is planning, time, and a little ingenuity to get your good name out there. Implemented correctly, and any small business can advertise quite successfully on a shoestring budget.

For more information on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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