Monthly Archives: June 2014

3 Tips on Building a Stronger Maintenance Team

Your team is one of a kind. And as time goes on, you learn to appreciate each person for what they bring to the table, the skills they offer, their individual strengths and their weaknesses. You probably even celebrate birthdays. But as you know, no one individual will stay at a facilities job forever. The […]

Tips On Landing a Facilities Job for Custodial Work

Just as Mike Rowe from televisions Dirty Jobs said many times, “It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.” The same can be said for custodians and janitors. Custodians, janitors, and cleaning personnel are an integral part of any facility. They clean up every mess imaginable, keep things in order, stock and manage all […]

3 Ways to Avoid Giving Your Customers a Reason to Write a Bad Review

The last thing you need is a disgruntled customer looking to disparage your name online. A situation that can be especially taxing if they never gave you a chance to explain why they might of had a bad experience in the first place. Which never allows you the opportunity to make it right for them. […]

NAME-award winner, Frito-Lay, uses ‘critical-care schedules’ to acheive facilities management goals.

It’s good to learn by examples, especially from award-winning examples that just happen to change the way a company operates its maintenance departments. In a run up to this year’s North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Award, recently revisited previous winner, Frito Lay, and how the NAME award changed forever its facilities management operations. First of all, […]