NAME-award winner, Frito-Lay, uses ‘critical-care schedules’ to acheive facilities management goals.

It’s good to learn by examples, especially from award-winning examples that just happen to change the way a company operates its maintenance departments.

In a run up to this year’s North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Award, recently revisited previous winner, Frito Lay, and how the NAME award changed forever its facilities management operations.

First of all, the basis for this award that’s given by the non-profit Foundation for Industrial Maintenance Excellence is centered around a maintenance department’s ability to “provide capacity assurance for operational excellence.”

In short, capacity assurance is all about achieving that credible level of “reliability and equipment performance while reducing costs.”

Getting to ‘capacity standards.’download

That was the goal for Frito-Lay’s maintenance operations. As such, hitting that ‘true efficiency’ was not the only focus for the Fayetteville, Tennessee site: keeping downtime to a minimum while “ensuring quality uptime” was another outcome.

Overall, the facility relied on the latest in predictive maintenance tools, such as ultrasonic monitors to catch air leaks and bolster energy efficiency throughout the facility.

Tracking scheduled maintenance calls…

The backbone of their maintenance policy is document all of the unscheduled maintenance calls. What’s more, all of the time spent to repair a piece of equipment, as well as search for parts and collaboration, was recorded.

This helped their program of asset management, not to mention providing a very useful “critical-care schedule” for their plant.

‘Technology’ continues to drive today’s maintenance operations; consequently, workers are finding the need to up their skill levels to be a player.

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