3 Ways to Avoid Giving Your Customers a Reason to Write a Bad Review

3028010-poster-p-1-http-wwwfastcompanycom3028010how-to-turn-a-bad-review-into-a-great-opportunityThe last thing you need is a disgruntled customer looking to disparage your name online. A situation that can be especially taxing if they never gave you a chance to explain why they might of had a bad experience in the first place. Which never allows you the opportunity to make it right for them.

So while some may think that bad review can be a good thing for your business (to be filed under the “no such things as bad press” sentiment) because they help to create trust and loyalty, give you feedback, generate SEO and so on, let’s focus instead on ways to not give customers a reasons to write a bad review.

1. Follow Up

Try and make it a point to follow up after any transaction where services or good are exchanged. Not only does this show customers that you care about your product or service, but by performing a follow-up early on, you can help reduce the chances of a bad review.

2. Make it Simple to Complain

It’s an easy concept: if employees at all levels (from the CEO on down!) are equipped to handle complaints, situations can be handled quickly and easily. This sort of implied sympathetic ear leads to customer satisfaction in a hurry, and fends off negative word from spreading.

Further, make it easy to complain on your website. Why? Because making it clear that you are willing to listen lessons dissatisfaction and shows your willingness to help. And you never know, it might prompt the angry customer to contact you after all, and forgo writing the negative review at all.

3. Respond to Complaints

There are several experts that believe that responding in a public forum may be a bad thing. This is partially true. Because if you do it wrong, you can make a bad situation worse. Stress on doing it wrong. So have a plan, and make it work. Plus, there is an additional perk to responding: a response from the business to a negative review, one that does its job effectively, can lead to the review being removed completely.

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