Workers Comp and a Small Business hiring process can raise concerns about state compliance.

Small business owners face untold challenges as they grow their operations. But none can be more anxiety-ridden when it comes to hiring those first few employees. For sure, Workers Comp and a Small Business hiring process can raise new concerns about compliance issues.Icons-20-150x150

Initially, owners may be puzzled over the issue of federal workmen’s comp and their own state’s requirements: the former is in place to protect the federally-employed from workplace mishaps; the latter protects employees from basically the same occurrences, but within the mandates of that state’s WC requirements.

In short, if a non-federally employed worker files a claim then it’s up to the employer/insurance carrier to cover medical costs as well as lost work time. In some cases, these compensatory reimbursements can apply to the worker’s family members as well.

Depending on state requirements, the need for WC coverage is often dictated by how many employees are on the payroll; too, it can depend on the type of business.

Basically, the insurance will cover a claimant’s hospital and medical expenses related, of course, to a specific job injury, or illness caused by a hazardous environmental condition in the workplace.

Other areas of compensation include any rehab that might be needed: physical therapies to help the employee return to his job.

Normally, an employer’s WC coverage will also kick in to provide disability coverage in four areas to cover any lost wages. The disability can be classified as a ‘temporary/partial or total disability,’ as well as the worst-case scenario where the injuries or illness is deemed permanent.

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