Ways to Attract New Customers to your small Business include networking and honing your sales pitch

Once you’ve mastered a few techniques of ways to attract new customers to your small business, you’ll be at a distinct advantage over your competitors because you took the time market your company properly.

The two big things working against most small business owners continue to be “time and money,” notes an article on the Entrepreneur website.

Still, it behooves the owner to work at expanding his customer base, including using these tips:

Leverage your business by networking…

Look for organizations that are likely to provide you with a source of prospects, be it the local chamber of commerce or community organization. Be visible. People like to do business with people they know, or know-of.

“Be prepared!”

You never know when you’ll need to pitch your company, so have a brief response ready when you’re asked “What does your company do?” Elevator, or in a coffee shop, be prepared to sell yourself and your company.

Online? Seek out specific forums and social media channels where you can participate. Offer your advice, and may be post a ‘white paper’ on a business solution. Make it available for viewers who will send you their basic information.

Referrals breed more referrals…

Never be afraid to ask a happy customer for a referral. The more you ask, the better the chances to receive a few.

One method to build referrals is to simply send out a newsletter; often, these get passed around to prospects you’re hoping will call you.

Get organized…

Sure, you make notes on customers to follow up with, or a lead you jotted down somewhere but can’t find.

What’s needed is a minimal investment in some sort of customer management software. You need to track your prospects, make notes about your customers and keep a history of when they do business with you. For sure, make notes when you have those phone conversations.

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