Some Tips for Successful Maintenance Recruiting

Ready to recruit a qualified person for that job opening, or perhaps you are setting up a back up list for your current staff? Are you new to the process and are looking for some handy tips that will guarantee recuriting success? Then look no further. We’re happy to provide you with some maintenance recruiting tips to make filling that open position a breeze.

Open Up Your Pool

While it may be easy to post a job listing or set up some open interviews, you may be missing out on the best candidates. That’s because many of the best employees are already employed and not looking for a new job. So how do you make a situation like this work?

Keep a good relationship with other facilities in the area, recruiters, and universities. Widen your pool for optimum success.

Look online for candidates who have LinkdIn or professional pages but who may not be actively looking for a job. Sometime people are dissatisfied but show no signs.

Use staffing websites where job posters connect with employers. This sort of industry is booming, so don’t underestimate its value.

Look for Experience

Depending on the job that you are hiring for, it is very possible to find a candidate who has performed that exact same job duty, down to the “t”. In this instance, it’s usually advised that you got through with the acquisition. Plus, you will save time and money not having to train.

Time Spent is Investment

Recruiting when you have a full and functioning staff may seem like time you don’t have, but it shouldn’t be viewed that way. Always be looking for qualified candidates, and set up a retention list. They will both serve you well in the future.

For every staff member, try and set up a back up person for that position. Even if it’s a person from another facility. That way, part of the job is done if you are in a pinch. Bonus points if you already have a small relationship with them to foster the opening cold all.

In the end, the quality of workers you get out the time you put it in is directly proportional. Recruiting is every hiring managers secret weapon, so always be prepared with a back up plan, and you will come out on top.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact us any time.


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