Entrepreneur magazine: News/Info/tips on running a small business, including starting one without funding sources.

Any News/Info/tips on running a small business

Starting your own business can be that ‘dream come true,’ but funding it with next nothing falls in line with a you-gotta-be-kidding me reaction.

Fair enough, but Entrepreneur magazine offers an overview on ‘how to’ start that business without searching for funding sources.

Like many entrepreneurs, who seek out any news/info/tips on running a small business they may have a certain vision and marketable ideas, but fail to launch because, well, they have little money.

Keep to what you know…

Don’t waste time venturing off into industries you know little about. Capitalize on what you do well, and leverage your skills and network of contacts: this cuts out the need for outside ‘consultants,’ for example.’’

Market yourself, first, to those you know…

Start by getting the word to not just friends and family, but any past working associates or people in your business; this is “grassroots marketing” and the word can spread like wildfire, particularly as send out emails and use the social-media channels.

Simple enough: don’t overspend…

You can’t avoid taking on certain expenses, but say ‘no’ to overspending on areas like business card designs, or startup office costs. Keep it simple and reserve what cash you may have.

A word about credit cards…

Believe it or not, there is a right way to use credit cards for starting your business. But, first, try using your revenue stream to pay for some expenses; then, go to your cards for that computer and office furniture, for example. Think of reducing the stress that having too much card debt can bring on.

Settle on a good ‘receivables policy’…

As a service provider, think of what you need, and not so much what will make your customers happy. As such, explore the idea of implementing a “net-15 or net-30” day term for payments to your company.

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