3 of the Top Careers in Facilities Management

There is no better time than now for starting a career in facilities management. It’s a fast-growing, stable, and challenging line of work that offers plenty of success and reward for individuals who are looking to become managers. Moreover, because of great leaps and bounds in technology, many jobs are being created to foster the growing need of new positions.

Here are 3 the top careers in facilities management right now.

Maintenance Management

A maintenance manger is in charge of a facilities assets. They ensure technological conditions are met, routines are in place, and that everything is up to code. A person interested in maintenance management should be tech-oriented, a problem-solver, have a working knowledge of OSHA rules/regs, and perhaps some knowledge of HVAC systems.

Building Automation System Techs

A Building Automation System Tech (BAS) is the person in charge of system automations in facilities. This includes understanding complex environmental aspects that are oftentimes new and evolving. As well as a working knowledge and grasp of Direct Digital Controls (DDC), advanced mathematical skills, the ability to read, decipher, and relay blueprints, and a background in electronics.

CAFM/CAD Managers 

Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) and Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) managers are responsible for a wide range of advanced software applications and processes, while overseeing various space-planning issues and occupancy systems. Many facilities are running very modern, state-of-the-art automation systems that require the advanced skills of well-trained individuals with a strong grasp of CAFM/CAD.

Getting a career in facilities management means having an extended job security that provides a solid future. Because most organizations have facilities, therefore they have assets to manage, there will always be a need for hard workers who specialize in this industry.

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