Info on Job Market For all Facility Maintenance: Jobs and Economic Development Impact Models

Info on Job Market For all Facility Maintenance opportunities points to key areas that include power generations, fuel production, construction and operations, according to a post on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website and reflect the scenarios created by the Jobs and Economic Development Impact Models (JEDI).

A lot of the research conducted by the JEDI focuses on projects that are “financially viable;” moreover, their existence is wholly independent from any “economic development value.”

“JEDI results are not intended to be a precise forecast; they are an estimate of potential activity resulting from a specific set of projects and scenarios.”

For example, the JEDI honed in on the labor-only category affecting the construction (on site) of power generation and transmission. The study did not account for needed materials, and looked the labor assigned to areas such as  construction companies, operations and maintenance personnel.

An underlying component in what is called their “second category of JEDI results had to do with support industries as the demand for goods and services continues on a healthy trend. In this category, maintenance personnel, and any contracts with businesses for their services, are—as expected—remain an integral part of the negotiated contract.

Examples of new power-generation sources include solar generation sites, as well as other energy-related projects; as such, the assessment for labor demands are often now projected throughout the “operation period.” Often these demands are budgeted as “long-term” and even through the “operating life of the facility.”

Not forgotten, of course, is the aging infrastructure that may surround traditional power-generation facilities, those fed by coal and/or natural gas. It’s undeniable that poor maintenance over the years has led to their deterioration with untold effects on the environment.

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