Facilities management positions can require a minimum of 3+ years experience.

It’s no surprise that facility maintenance jobs. for the most part, can be physically demanding; but they also may require certifications for overseeing certain equipment and apparatus.

Thus, for maintenance workers it is not uncommon to expect additional training. especially if their goal is to strive for a facilities management position. Duties often include overseeing the entire facility’s installation needs, including the repair and maintenance on all the mechanical systems. On occasion it is not uncommon that the managers themselves will be called on to perform these tasks.

Advancement in this industry is all about earning professional certifications when possible. Some states require licensing, or certification, when working on electrical or HVAC systems. Usually, workers begin at an entry-level spot to segue into a management trainee position.

“Certification is offered by various associations, such as the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, and demonstrates a level of commitment and competence to prospective employers. After successfully passing the certification examination, an individual can use the professional designation Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional.”

Facility maintenance workers seeking advancement should not pass up any ‘voluntary certification’ opportunities. Furthermore, they should hone their computer skills so they are familiar with facilities management software, as well as database software and any office suite of applications.

Overall, workers seeking a management career should log 3+ years in general maintenance with some supervisory experience as well.

The essentials to equip oneself for this field also include good troubleshooting skills as well as customer service skills. Consequently, the key is to find a suitable entry-level job offering a wide variety of exposure with meaningful on-the-job training in order to hone valuable skills.

To find the right opening that matches your experience, be it part-time or full-time employment, contact us: We are the largest portal offering positions in the facilities-maintenance field.


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