3 Tips for Growing Your Business in the Digital Age

Digital-AgeRunning and growing a small business takes dedication and consternation, where the growth from gnashing your teeth doesn’t just show up over night. It can be a process that takes many years of your time, effort, and resources. While this fact is obvious to some, many startups throw in the towel too soon. Our first piece of advice: don’t give up. Add to that the stress of figuring yourself into global technology, and your stress level tops out.

Here’s 3 tips for growing your business in the digital age.


If you don’t have a high-functioning website, you are absolutely lagging behind. A website is more than a digital portal to your business (though it’s that too), it is a way for your current customers to contact you and view what you do, schedule appointments, and so on… and an advertisement for new customers looking for your services as a whole. The more professional, the better.

Virtual Help

How do you manage your accounts, data, customers, and services? If you said on paper in-house, then consider the help of a virtual assistant. Hiring someone to help you with all of your business affairs who never has to come in to the office to do so can save you lots of money. They can also lesson the work you have to do, which gives you ample time to get your other work done (the reason your started your business).

Go Rugged

Keeping in touch with your team is important for every operation. For small business with field service techs, or those who are in and out of places with the potential for damaging tech devices, consider employing rugged devices built-to-last. Devices like smart phones and tablets that have been designed to withstand stress of this nature will save you money in the long run because less will need service, replacement, or repair.

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