5 Interview Questions All Facilities Managers Should Ask

job-interview-questions-and-answersFinding the right employees takes time, effort, and a keen sense. Oftentimes those who seem like they would fit in the best, simply do not. So how does a good facilities manager go about separating those who fit the bill from those who should move on?. It all begins with the interview.

Here are 5 interview questions you should be asking.

“Tell me about yourself.” 

Though not technically a question, this type of interactive beginning allows your candidate to feel comfortable in the interview, perhaps revealing their true self, which allows you to base a stronger opinion on their skills and personality.

“What are your biggest weaknesses?” 

Pretty standard, but very powerful. People will often hem and haw over a good answer to this question (which is good!), but when it comes down to revealing important details, it’s okay to press them to explain. Sometimes true colors peak through the clouds, exactly what you need to make a decision.

“Tell me about a time when you had to face a critical decision at your last job.”

You want to know about this candidate in a way that presents them as a problem-solver, as well as the position they are interviewing for. That’s because, in facilities work, the next maintenance employee could be your next supervisor. Always be looking for employees who are hungry to move up the ladder.

“What things, if you were the hiring manager, would you ask in this situation?”

Asking them to swap positions will show you their critical thought process, as well as give you insight into how much they know about the job they are applying for. Ask this and you’ll be surprised the kind of questions you’ll get.

“Why is this job right for you?”

A tough, probing question such as this broadens the scope of the process by showing the interviewer if the candidate knows about the job, company, while revealing their skill-set. Look for a candidate that will help to strengthen what you already have while bringing in their own good qualities.

The interview is the first real test a qualified employee has to pass to get a job. A carefully structured interview will allow you great insight into their strengths and weaknesses. Use it to your advantage; you only have one chance.

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