Any News/Info/tips on running a small business: Building your personal social brand.

tips-jackson-wilson-300x300As a successful business owner, you’re really starting to see some return on all of your marketing efforts, but decided you need to concentrate more on how to use social media.

You have used Facebook and Twitter on a limited basis with postings that were fairly basic, which gives your potential customers very little reason to return to follow you.

One big area that needs improvement is the content you write for your blogs. You want to become a ‘go to’ site for answers to common questions in your industry.

You’ve researched most any news/info/tips on running a small business, including what your competitors are going. But you need a proven guide, of sorts, that will give you a template to achieve your marketing goals.

“5 Tips To Build Your Personal Social Brand,” a post on the InformationWeek website provides an overview for both the novice and seasoned user of social media.

Show your expertise…

Remember, you’re asking visitors to your website to spend some time at the sites. As such, provide them with pointers and tips. Make your site something of value to them.

This is the way to build a loyal following, and how your content will get shared with other prospective customers.

Keep the random thoughts out of your sites…

The key is to keep on message. Be concise with the information you’re sharing and look at using Twitter more, Google+ and LinkedIn. In fact, if you do want to indulge in a bit of randomness, use Facebook!

Be sure to ‘follow up!’

Don’t make your marketing program one of those “one way streets.” Have the right conversations and build a following by using meaningful and relevant content.

In short, start a conversation around the content you post, and follow up with those you’re interacting with.

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