5 Tips for Landing a Facilities Management Job for 2015

As with most careers, landing a facilities job in management requires that an applicant can prove that they will bring solid business worth, strong leadership, a long future, and a willingness to evolve along side this ever-growing industry.

But how does one get started if they have never taken prior steps to work towards facilities management? Especially if their previous profession and skillset was rooted deeply in a completely different career. Hint: It’s just like riding a bike… that is, all applicable skills can be adapted, molded, and re-applied. Which brings us to number one.

1. Skills are skills, are skills: No matter the industry you worked in before, even if it was the military, you can apply those skills to facilities management. Every job has an intrinsic and innate acumen that is rooted in similar ideals, structures, and guidelines. A leader is a leader no matter where they came from.

2. A resumé is more than just paper: Some would even argue that a resumé is you on paper. Or, well, as close to it as possible. So customize it for every position you apply for. Let it show who you are. Allow it highlight your strengths. Cater it precisely to the job you want and are applying to. Never (ever) leave it generic. The devil’s in the details.

3. Focus your energy on what you want: It may sound silly, but focusing all that you have and can offer to a job in facilities management can pay off. What’s more, stay positive while you do so. This sort of positive energy can really shine through in interviews and can impact your future in facilities management.

4. Enroll in a degree program: Even if you have experience in facilities, or are currently employed at a facility where there is an opening, enrolling in a degree program which specializes in this type of management can help your odds of landing the job. Combine that with your current skills and you will move to the top of the pile in no time.

5. Stay abreast with what’s new: Remember how we said the facilities industry is ever-changing? So, too, should you be. Keeping up with the latest trends, developments, and technology in how facilities operate will benefit you in more ways than just landing a job. It will also make you a genuine asset for any company in which you choose to work.

In the end, it’s important to be proactive, and to be nimble enough to change and adapt with the industry. The more work you put into yourself now, the better the chances you will have in 2015 for landing the job you’ve been waiting for.

For more information on how we can help you with your future in facilities management, please contact us any time.


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