Pay for Maintenance Workers is Still Rising in 2015

In figures just released last April 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that pay for maintenance jobs continues to go up, albeit at a smaller percentage than the previous year.

  • Compared to our recent report on last year’s salaries, wages for the average worker went up by 0.13 percent to a mean $26,370 annually, or $12.68 per hour. The lowest wages dropped below $17,200 per year, or $8.27 per hour. The highest-paid received over $40,560 yearly, or $19.50 hourly. Most jobs were in building and dwelling services where wages averaged $25,860 annually, or $12.43 hourly. The highest salaries were in the US Postal Service at a mean $48,600 a year, or $23.37 an hour.
  • Janitors averaged $25,460 per year, or $12.24 an hour. Annual pay ranged from below $17,110 to above $38,400, or $8.23 to $18.46 an hour. Most positions were in building and dwelling services at a mean $23,100 per year, or $11.10 per hour. The US Postal Services paid the best at an average $48,170 annually, or $23.16 hourly. California, New York, and Texas, boasted the most jobs among states. Among cities, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles offered the most employment.
  • For grounds maintenance workers, the average pay ran $26,720 per year, or $12.85 per hour, with annual ranges of $17,830 to $38,620 per year, or $8.57 to $18.57 per hour. Building and dwelling services offered the most positions at an average $26,190 per year, or $12.59 per hour. The federal government showed the best salaries at a mean $47,540 annually, or $22.85 hourly. California, Florida, and Texas had the most employment among states. Among cities, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York topped the job list.

If you want to know more about the pay of maintenance jobs, or want help finding such positions, please contact us.


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