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5 Tips for Landing a Facilities Management Job for 2015

As with most careers, landing a facilities job in management requires that an applicant can prove that they will bring solid business worth, strong leadership, a long future, and a willingness to evolve along side this ever-growing industry. But how does one get started if they have never taken prior steps to work towards facilities management? […]

Marketing for your Small Business requires basic understanding of SEO and good web design

 Nowadays, the savvy business owner is reaching beyond the traditional marketing approaches to promoting his business—local directories and print ads, for example—and turning to the digital offerings to help him stay competitive. Indeed, it’s all about aligning all of the choices and tailoring them for your business. Today, the small business must have a basic […]

Ways to Attract New Customers to your small Business include networking and honing your sales pitch

Once you’ve mastered a few techniques of ways to attract new customers to your small business, you’ll be at a distinct advantage over your competitors because you took the time market your company properly. The two big things working against most small business owners continue to be “time and money,” notes an article on the Entrepreneur website. […]

Keeping Up with Changing Customer Base Demands

It can sometimes be tough in the world of small business, but one fact remains the same: without customers, business comes to a grinding halt. This can also be true when the world around us causes our ever-growing, and ever-changing, customer base to alter their demands due to a host of unmitigated and surprising reasons. […]

Want to Attract New Customers to Your Small Business? Here are 5 Tips to Help You Along

Without customers, small business will not function. It’s a simple (and scary) fact. Almost all small business runs on customers and needs them to thrive. So when they aren’t there, your morale and your bottom line suffer greatly. So if you’re in a slump this summer, there’s not need to worry. No one is stopping […]

Record-Keeping Tips for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you know that running your business — all of the ins and outs — sits squarely on your shoulders. From the most important things, like staffing and worker’s comp, down to the smallest things, like buying pens and cleaning the bathroom.  But perhaps one of the greatest liabilities a small […]

Workers Comp and a Small Business hiring process can raise concerns about state compliance.

Small business owners face untold challenges as they grow their operations. But none can be more anxiety-ridden when it comes to hiring those first few employees. For sure, Workers Comp and a Small Business hiring process can raise new concerns about compliance issues. Initially, owners may be puzzled over the issue of federal workmen’s comp and their […]


We hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July! We cannot wait to spend the holiday with our Family and Friends. BBQ, Pool time, then enjoy the amazing  fireworks our small town puts on! What is your Fourth like? Enjoy & Be Safe! MyOpenJobs Staff 10Best: Fourth of July fireworks around the USA HVAC […]

3 Tips on Building a Stronger Maintenance Team

Your team is one of a kind. And as time goes on, you learn to appreciate each person for what they bring to the table, the skills they offer, their individual strengths and their weaknesses. You probably even celebrate birthdays. But as you know, no one individual will stay at a facilities job forever. The […]

Tips On Landing a Facilities Job for Custodial Work

Just as Mike Rowe from televisions Dirty Jobs said many times, “It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.” The same can be said for custodians and janitors. Custodians, janitors, and cleaning personnel are an integral part of any facility. They clean up every mess imaginable, keep things in order, stock and manage all […]