Finding a good facility maintenance employee requires work and patience. In fact, the entire process of attracting and retaining staff can be a very stressful part of the job for facility managers. So how do you attract and retain the perfect staff? Simple. Follow these 5 tips. 1. Benefits and compensation. It goes without saying, if you […]

Any News/Info/tips on running a small business Starting your own business can be that ‘dream come true,’ but funding it with next nothing falls in line with a you-gotta-be-kidding me reaction. Fair enough, but Entrepreneur magazine offers an overview on ‘how to’ start that business without searching for funding sources. Like many entrepreneurs, who seek […]

Steps for Growing your Business Is your business on the cusp of expansion? For any small business owner, expanding a successful business to greater horizons is both rewarding and frightening. Because sometimes obvious success can’t simply be measured in terms of money. So how do you really know if your business is prepared? You are […]

Your customers are the reason that your business exists. It is important to acquire new customers each day, but it is also very important to learn how to turn first-time customers into loyal customers. There are many different ways you can keep existing customers happy and willing to buy more. Here are some of the […]

Ready to recruit a qualified person for that job opening, or perhaps you are setting up a back up list for your current staff? Are you new to the process and are looking for some handy tips that will guarantee recuriting success? Then look no further. We’re happy to provide you with some maintenance recruiting tips to […]

Today, it’s more about using assets, cash and resources more judiciously. It’s not surprise that facility managers are involved in many levels of operational tasks that affect the future cash flow of the organization. In fact, managers are gaining new insights into the significance of their duties in terms of delivering Value Driven maintenance (VDM) […]

Once you’ve mastered a few techniques of ways to attract new customers to your small business, you’ll be at a distinct advantage over your competitors because you took the time market your company properly. The two big things working against most small business owners continue to be “time and money,” notes an article on the Entrepreneur website. […]

It can sometimes be tough in the world of small business, but one fact remains the same: without customers, business comes to a grinding halt. This can also be true when the world around us causes our ever-growing, and ever-changing, customer base to alter their demands due to a host of unmitigated and surprising reasons. […]

Without customers, small business will not function. It’s a simple (and scary) fact. Almost all small business runs on customers and needs them to thrive. So when they aren’t there, your morale and your bottom line suffer greatly. So if you’re in a slump this summer, there’s not need to worry. No one is stopping […]

As a small business owner, you know that running your business — all of the ins and outs — sits squarely on your shoulders. From the most important things, like staffing and worker’s comp, down to the smallest things, like buying pens and cleaning the bathroom.  But perhaps one of the greatest liabilities a small […]